Are you ready for The Attack?


D-Attack, better known as Sybren, developed an interest towards Hardstyle and made his first steps in the scene at a young age. From the beginning he was captivated by the sound and his vision was clear: Dream big and conquer the world of Hardstyle!


D-Attack stands for: Power, Adrenaline and a high blast of energy!


After making his debut in 2017 on the label Bring the Riot with tracks like ‘Power of the Gods’ and ’Stay Alive’, D-Attack stepped up his game and signed with the major label Scantraxx in 2020. In 2022 D-Attack is releasing his first ever mini-album named: PROJECT ATTACK. With dancefloor bangers like: ‘Killer’, ‘Thunder’ and ‘ATTACK’. This year he released the track ‘Try This, Try That’ with Neroz that got a lot of support by different artists in the scene!


Given by his unique and energetic stage performance he became an act like no other and is fulfilling his true potential with performances at events like Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor, The Qontinent and Intents Festival.


Target Locked! This is D-Attack!



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